“Culture meets internationalization and innovation”: Salzkammergut as European Capital of Culture 2024

Culture meets Gmundner Fertigteile

In 2024, the Salzkammergut will not only be the first rural Alpine region to hold the prestigious title of “European Capital of Culture”, but will also offer a new perspective on cultural development, internationalization and innovation.

With the programmatic focus on “Culture meets internationalization and innovation”, the region will not only celebrate its rich cultural history and tradition, but also explore the connection between cultural identity and economic progress. In close cooperation with the Export Center Upper Austria, WKOÖ Gmunden and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, a video project is being developed that presents companies that are successfully positioning themselves internationally and at the same time have their roots deeply anchored in the Salzkammergut.

We, Gmundner Fertigteile, are proud to be part of this important project and are now looking forward to presenting the finished film to you.

Contribution of the WKO