Platforms & Stops

The alternative to the conventional platform, consisting of only three elements.

Technical and safety-related functions must be fulfilled in the station area. Our custom platform elements made of reinforced concrete bring many advantages and create a high level of functionality.

The applications

Anywhere people enter or leave the means of transportation.

  • Train stations
  • Stops
  • Platforms
  • Waiting shelters
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Your benefits

Rapid installation thanks to prefabrication

On-site laying of the platform elements in several stages

No differential settlement (in the soil) compared to platform edges and solutions made of concrete

the maximum individual weight of the components (approx. 4 tons) enables installation using a two-way excavator

Guidance systems for the blind and recesses can be integrated upon customer request

Installation during ongoing operation

(only) 3 elements => 1 platform

Our References

  • ÖBB Depots & Workshops | Platforms

    Main & Branch Lines | Depots & Workshops | Platforms



    Kledering 2016

    • U-BODAN
    • 9-track pedestrian crossing


    Unter-Tullnerbach 2012

    • Platform length 160 m
    • Installation during full railway operation
    • Logistical challenge due to difficult terrain
    • Integration of existing manhole covers
    • Integrated guidance system for the blind

  • Side Platform Graz

    Main & Branch Lines

    Graz-Teichhof, Austria


    • Panels placed on prefabricated troughs or strip foundations

  • ÖBB Side Platform

    Main & Branch Lines



    • Platform
    • Stop
    • Drainage
    • Length: 160 m

  • Linz Local Railway <LILO>

    Main & Branch Lines



    Alkoven 2023

    • Central platform with stop, technical building and bicycle rack (length: 120 m, barrier-free)
    • BO-TRACK with rail groove filler and S-Bord drainage


    Straßham 2023

    • Edge platform with stop and bicycle rack (length 120 m, barrier-free)
    • BO-TRACK with rail groove filler
    • Track covering adapted to (unfavorable) road course


    Fraham 2021

    • Side platform with stop, technical building and bicycle racks (length: 160 m, barrier-free)
    • P&R system with e-mobility

  • Atterseebahn Walsberg

    BODAN | Stop | Technical Building

    Walsberg, Austria


    • BODAN internal panels in a warning color with rail groove filler
    • Covered waiting shelter with digital display
    • Ticket machine
    • Barrier-free
    • Covered Bike & Ride facility